S​/​T 7"

by False Light

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Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Cory Fallows


released June 12, 2012

False Light is:

Brian - Guitar
Tyler - Drums
Issy - Bass
Patrick - Vocals



all rights reserved


False Light Charleston, South Carolina

Hardcore/Grindcore from South Carolina

Order the Forced by Flame 7" at: headfirstrecords(dot)limitedrun(dot)com

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Track Name: Rotting Teeth
Caged, cut. Breed, bleed.

Teeth stained red, grave of a body.
Life of misery. We are the vermin.

Defending genocide, grim ritual.
Under the knife or on your plate,
murder is murder no matter how you dissect it.

Blind to hell, while you choke on it.
Blind to hell, as you rot.
Track Name: Almighty Thief
Eyes pried open,
praying to cope with
being the prey of no one.

Wanting to feel
the weight lifted when you kneel.

Clouds crushing my chest, crawling on my hands
Dirt in my eyes, desperate and damned.

If this rope wasn't splitting, I'd tie myself up.
I've lived long enough.
Track Name: The Great Unwashed
Ignorance, spreading filth.
Unjust anger that decays.
You turn your head, indifferent
to the evil you provoke
Bitter hatred, foolishness.
Crawl back to the frigid ground.
Feeling cold, growing old.
Mind to help, no hands to use.

What a grim existence you lead.

Feed, feed. Blacken the air you breathe.

Ignorance, spreading filth.
Unjust anger that decays.
Shut your eyes, close your fist.
Who's the fucking coward here?
Track Name: Lung
Cancer of a concept. My thoughts; a eulogy.
Leech in my lungs I can't exhale.
Answers out of fear.
Better a hole in my head than this nihilism.

Colors bleed, the charm of death.
Drenched in filth, inherent grief.
Afraid of the curtains, but I pull them shut.
Did the clouds pollute my mind?
Hollowed out, dreadful, numb.
Pain of life, helplessness of death.

Wander, wilting.
Void of value.

Diseased, directionless.
Track Name: Praxis
No nails in your hands, but they're forced in the dirt.
Witless. Docile. Dragged with the herd.
You bathe in blood. You scum, you worthless swine.
Guilty where you stand. Murder of the mind.

Empty fucking stomach from vomiting lies.
Your heaven is a prison and your cross a disguise.
Your words that you've bastardized.
My bastard eyes you've cauterized.
Clawed my tongue from my mouth, silencing my cries.

You're just a crook.
Crooked as your smile.
I see your false gaze, that whisper of fear.

Deeper and deeper, you dig the world's grave.
Deeper and deeper, just the work of a slave.
(Lifeless eyes open, wilt as you enslave.)

Twisting your words. Counterfeit truth.
Twisting your words, tie up your noose.